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Erin Reis is an accomplished musical theatre actress. She possesses a beautiful, strong, clear soprano which is reminiscent of the voice the great Julie Andrews once possessed. I have had the pleasure of directing and working with Erin for over 15 years now. From straight plays like The Laramie Project to her outstanding leading performance as Luisa in The Fantasticks, and most recently as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Erin’s acting talents are on par with her gorgeous singing voice.

Erin creates deeply believable characterizations for each of her differing characters and what’s even more delightful, she dances very well. Couple these talents with her charming personality, and one soon learns that Erin is a director’s dream. For not only is she a kind and talented voice teacher herself, she takes directions from her various directors with a joy of performing that is unparalleled. Her cast mates always express how much they love working with her, for her demeanor is always that of a true professional who enjoys the work, one who knows that there is always something more to learn.

Barbara L Williams Director, acting teacher and coach

…flower peddler Eliza Doolittle, superbly talented with a glorious voice of Erin Reis…

Camille Bounds Gilroy Life

“Matt Skinner has impressive vocals and an assured bearing as Sir Harry, and his Lady Larken, Erin Reis, displays a lovely voice of her own and is fully at home in her character. The two are delightful in their numbers “In a Little While” and “Yesterday I Loved You.

Julie Grabowski Tri-City Voice

Reis delivers a delightfully unblemished Hope Cladwell.

Julie Grabowski Tri-City Voice

Reis has that million dollar smile that radiates on stage. I see a Peggy Sawyer event happening in her future.

Philip R. Hodsdon The Argus

While my daughter Anika, had great potential she had little knowledge of voice and singing technique . Erin immediately struck up an excellent relationship with her and was careful to gradually develop a shared understanding of her voice and its qualities. My daughter has greatly benefitted from Erin’s positive approach and expertise. The lessons have both enhanced Anika’s confidence in performance as well as her vocal skills for Musical Theatre.

Erin has been an inspiration to Anika. I recommend her very strongly.

Rashmi Goel

When the muted opening gave way to “Over the Rainbow,” by Erin Reis as Dorothy, the audience quickly realized they were in for a treat. Even in the unlikely event that all else went bad, Reis can sing! Strains of Judy Garland teased the ear again and again as Reis masterfully displayed her vocal range and depth in the familiar and ever pleasing notes.

Steve Warga Tri-City Voice

Erin is one of the most talented vocalists in the bay area. Her skills and ability are beyond reproach and she effortlessly shares her knowledge with students of all ages.

Tony Frye Musician and Educator